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Health Hack

Reinventing Healthcare Access and Delivery
2016 Winners
Patient Engagement Splash
1st Place
Drone - First Place - Tigerdrone

Intact Birth

A perineal massager used in the second stage of labor to release tension, warms the area and prepares for delivery.

Drone - Second Place - DroneNet

Safety Briefs

A pair of briefs designed to be worn as an undergarment with built-in hip airbags to prevent hip fractures.

Drone - Third Place - Swarm

Be Healthior

Couples online shopping sites like Amazon Prime with mail order pharmacies and links programs like Amazon Echo and Alexa to prompt patients to take their medication. The data can then be summarized and made available to providers to decrease the gap in medication compliance.

Connected Health Splash
1st Place
Readmissions - First Place - CareCube


An app to test lung function for people with asthma or chronic lung diseases that tracks data and summarizes the information for the patient and their healthcare provider.

Readmissions - Second Place - TextCare


A mobile app that detects when an Alzheimer’s patient leaves their home during a potential “wandering episode.” The app notifies a caregiver who can help move the patient to safety.

Readmissions - Third Place - Health At Home

Smart Pump

An IV pump, channel and tubing system to prevent IV-related infections. The system would include safety alerts, hand sanitizer and software and sensors to prevent medication errors

VRAR splash
1st Place
Wearables - First Place - Build A Limb

BTI Prosthetics

An AR app for amputees to train how to use a prosthetic independently before receiving the prosthetic, reducing the learning period.

Wearables - Second Place - Dash

Team UpGoers

An augmented research interface (ARI) to interact with dense text and data. The ARI is used to summarize and analyze the relevant information from research and medical texts in a simpler way.

Wearables - Second Place - Dash

Immersive Empathy

A simulated experience of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration so users can understand what those affected go through more fully.