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The Jefferson Innovation Process

FAQs About the Process

We review ideas in the order that we receive them. The process is:

  1. Submit your idea via the FAST-TRACK form
  2. Preliminary Review, if accepted...
  3. Advisory session to refine your idea
  4. Panel review
    • If the panel votes yes, we will partner with you to further develop your idea. If the panel votes no and you are a Jefferson employee, you can create a spin-out company. Independent innovators not affiliated with Jefferson and Jefferson alumni and students can pursue developing their ideas with no obligations to Jefferson.

We only ask that your idea be something new and submitted in English.

You'll receive an email confirming our receipt of your idea within one business day. Then, we will conduct a preliminary review and let you know about the next steps within a week afterwards.

Your idea will only be shared with internal and external reviewers who have signed confidentiality agreements. But realize that other submitted ideas may be similar to yours.