Invention Disclosure Process

What is an invention disclosure?

An invention disclosure is the notification of the creation of an invention provided by the inventor candidate in the form of a Report of Invention (ROI) form

When is a ROI required?

If, in the course of conducting research or providing patient care at Jefferson, an employee (including residents and fellows) conceives of and/or reduces to practice a discovery/invention, she/he is obligated to report such discovery/invention by completing an ROI form. This form provides important information for the invention review process. The discovery/invention could be a new or different process, a device, a compound, an animal model or a software program.

Why is a ROI required? It is MY invention.

If you are a Jefferson employee and/or used Jefferson resources to create/discover the invention, Jefferson owns the invention/intellectual property (see the Patent Policy), but has very generous revenue sharing.

What do you need from me?

1. The ROI form filled out as completely as possible..

2. Any unpublished manuscripts, posters, abstracts, presentations, publications or any pending public disclosure deadlines related to the discovery/invention.

If you have any questions, contact us.

What is the process?

Once you submit an ROI, we will review it to ensure it is complete. If complete, we will submit it to one of our law firms for a patentability assessment. If the assessment comes back positive, we will contact you to determine the best timing for a provisional patent. Then, we will assign you a mentor to help prepare you for a commercial review by an internal panel.

If the patentability assessment comes back negative, but there could be commercial opportunities, you will also have a mentor assigned to you. The internal panel will evaluate your invention based on these criteria. 

How long does the process take?

Usually our law firms will give us a patentability assessment within seven to 14 days. You have approximately one month to prepare for the internal panel.

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