Innovation at Jefferson

An academic medical system working to keep people OUT of the hospital! That’s the focus of innovation at Jefferson.

Rose Ritts, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer

Our Companies

Jefferson has licensed 100+ inventions and started 25+ new ventures that have gone on to raise investments of $200M+ to date. Check out our portfolio of opportunities and new companies here!   

Design Lab

3D Printing in Healthcare

At Jefferson, we use 3D printed models to improve patient care and enhance medical education.  We create patient-matched anatomy models from individual patient’s imaging data.  Then we use those models to help educate patients, improve surgical planning, and reduce procedure times.

Innovation Programs

Health Hack - Reinventing Healthcare Access and Delivery

The Health Hack is a high energy open-to-all weekend of 24/7 creativity -- where Health Practitioners meet Software Development Experts and Design/Prototyping Professionals.   There’s intense collaboration, product and business ideation, solution pitching to a panel of experts ….  and a high stakes paper airplane competition!  Get on the mailing list for updates on Health Hack 2020, coming this year.

If you want to see the future, find good people who are uncomfortable with the status quo, and use them to create diverse teams to guide transformation.

Dr. Stephen Klasko, President, Thomas Jefferson University & CEO, Jefferson Health