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Guided by Jefferson's Mission to 'Improve Lives', we are "being bold and thinking differently" across healthcare, insurance and education. Innovation drives  ground-breaking research, inventorship and marketable technologies with the power to revolutionize health, build community, foster loyalty and inspire collaboration.

Rakesh Suri, PhD, MD Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer

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Jefferson has licensed 100+ inventions and started 25+ new ventures that have gone on to raise investments of $200M+ to date. Check out our portfolio of opportunities and new companies here!   

Jefferson Health Design Lab

Design Thinking in Healthcare

The Jefferson Health Design Lab exists to bring people from different backgrounds together and promote inclusive design in healthcare. From patients to providers, everyone has the potential to accelerate change and improve lives. 

Innovation Programs

Health Hack - Reinventing Healthcare Access & Delivery

The Health Hack is a high energy open-to-all weekend of 24/7 creativity -- where Health Practitioners meet Software Development Experts and Design/Prototyping Professionals.   There’s intense collaboration, product and business ideation, solution pitching to a panel of experts ….  and a high stakes paper airplane competition!  Join the mailing list to be updated about the Jefferson Health Hack and other Innovation Programs!

Reimagining health, education and discovery to create unparalleled value.

Jefferson Unversity Vision

Rabies Drug Developed at Thomas Jefferson University Gets Approved for Use in China

“Despite an estimated 29 million post-bite human vaccinations globally, preventing hundreds of thousands of rabies deaths annually, rabies virus is still prevalent in global animal reservoirs and is responsible for tens of thousands of human deaths annually. An inexpensive, high-quality rabies immune globulin (RIG) vaccine administered soon after exposure could end this,” commented Professors D. Craig Hooper and Bernhard Dietzschold, both faculty at Thomas Jefferson University, and lead inventors of the technology which made Ormutivimab possible.