Innovators & Innovation


Jefferson Innovation aims to effectively drive the culture of innovation at Jefferson through efficient business practices regarding invention disclosures, patent prosecution, material transfers, and non-disclosure agreements.

General Inquiries & Communications

For questions or concerns, please e-mail us at We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours during standard business hours.

Idea Disclosure

Have a great idea? If so, tell us more by submitting this form.

Invention Disclosure

An invention disclosure is the notification of an invention created. We work with inventors to create a strategy unique to each invention disclosure.

Patent Prosecution

Jefferson will manage patent prosecution up to national stage filing. External patent attorneys are responsible for providing patent prosecution strategy and opinions on pending cases.

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

The confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), also known as a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), protects the intellectual property of Jefferson. We establish CDAs prior to the disclosure of confidential information between Jefferson and other institutions. It is essential for faculty members and/or inventor candidates to contact us prior to the exchange of such information and to provide any necessary information to fully protect the intellectual property asset.

Material Transfer

A material transfer agreement MTA is a legally binding contract established for the transfer of tangible research materials between organizations. MTAs define the rights and obligations for both the provider and recipient of the materials being transferred, and outcomes of the research using them, including: ownership of the materials and any resulting inventions and discoveries; rights to publish research results, along with any requirements for co-authorship and review prior to publication; reporting and confidentiality obligations; and conditions for further distribution of the material.

MTAs are required for the transfer of tangible research materials (mice, plasmids, human tissue specimens, cell lines, reagents, compounds, etc.) into or out of Jefferson in connection with basic research.

MTAs may be initiated by submitting a request via the Innovation Agreements Portal here.

Consulting Agreement

A Jefferson employee who wishes to provide work-for-hire, independent contractor consulting services to a third party entity must:

  1. First notify University Counsel and the Innovation team
  2. Describe the scope and nature of the proposed consulting services
  3. Confirm that the proposed services are not related to his/ her ongoing research at Jefferson or similar work for any other entities.

For additional information, please view the Jefferson Conflict of Interest Policy and Industry Relationships Policy (campus-access only).