Innovators & Innovation

Spin Out & Spin In Companies

  1. If your idea directly relates to your employment or you used Jefferson resources to create your idea, Jefferson likely owns your idea (see Jefferson's Patent Policy). If you have not already done so, please complete and submit an Idea Disclosure form or Report of Invention (each a "disclosure"). A Report of Invention form is usually used for developed ideas that have had funding (which could be from a company, government or another non-profit); an Idea Disclosure form is a simpler form and, based on your answers, may be required to complete the Report of Invention.
  2. A panel consisting of Jefferson employees and outside experts will review your disclosure. The panel will decide one of three paths: more information is needed before any decision can be made; Jefferson will take the lead on commercialization of the disclosure; or Jefferson will let you take the lead on commercializing your idea or technology.

Next Steps

  • If Jefferson takes the lead on a disclosure, we will work with you to get the idea or technology developed so  it may be licensed; we may even create our own company to commercialize the technology (a Jefferson start-up).
  • If the panel wants further information, you may choose to pursue development, but you must resubmit your disclosure when you have a more complete proposal. It does not mean that we have "released" ownership of your idea/technology.
  • If the panel decides that we should not take the lead on commercialization, you have two choices: you can form your own company – a spin-out – and take an exclusive or nonexclusive license from Jefferson; or you can decide not to pursue the idea further. Please note that, in the spirit of the objectives of these guidelines, the terms of the spin-out license will be the standard; they should not be considered starting points for negotiating more favorable terms.