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Case Number Title Non-Confidential Summary Issued Patent
Lead Inventor's Info
BAS_REN.005 Cell Lines which Constitutively Express IGF-1 and IGF-1 R    
BEN_JEF.003 Compositions And Methods For Modulating The Activity Of G Protein-Kinases US Patent No. 6,255,069

Kinase Assay that can Detect ATP Hyperphosphorylation

NCS for CHA_TUN 004

CHU_MON.001 Fibulin-2 Null Mutant Mice   Link

Compositions, Kits and Methods Relating to the Human FEZ1 Gene, a Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO_CAR.002,004,005,016)

US Patent No. 7,141,417
US Patent No. 7,777,005

The Human FHIT Gene

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16)

US Patent No. 7,220,834
US Patent No. 6,774,217
US Patent No. 6,242,212
US Patent No. 5,928,884

TCL-1 Gene And Protein And Related Methods And Compositions

NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009, 015)

US Patent No. 5,985,598
US Patent No. 7,175,995
US Patent No. 7,749,715

Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Modeled in Mouse by Targeted TCL1 Expression

NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009,015)

US Patent No. 7,728,189
US Patent No. 8,168,854

Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene and Compositions and Methods for Making and Using the Same

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16)


Role of microRNA Genes In Human Cancer

NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25)

US Patent No. 7,723,035
US Patent App 12/319,331
US Patent App 12/727,778
CRO_CAR.019 Involvement Of The ALL-1 Gene In A Solid Tumor1 US Patent No. 5,567,586  

microRNA genes in cancer diagnosis and treatment

NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25)

US Patent No. 7,723,030
US Patent App 12/751,463
US Patent App 12/767,279
HOU_YAM.005 Apoptosis of Cardiomyocytes   Link
HOU_YAM.006 Antibiotics Targeting a Growth-Dependent Bacterial Enzyme   Link

A Human Model System For In Vitro Development Of The Dopaminergic Phenotype

NCS for IAC_LOR.001

US Patent No. 7,195,910