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Other Available Technologies

Case Number Title Non Confidential Summary Issued Patent Lead Inventor's Info
BAS_REN.005 Cell Lines which Constitutively Express IGF-1 and IGF-1 R    
BEN_JEF.003 Compositions And Methods For Modulating The Activity Of G Protein-Kinases US Patent No. 6,255,069 Link
BEN_JEF.005 GRK2 Monoclonal Antibody (called 3A10)   Link  

Kinase Assay that can Detect ATP Hyperphosphorylation

NCS for CHA_TUN 004

CHU_MON.001 Fibulin-2 Null Mutant Mice   Link  

A Human Model System For In Vitro Development Of The Dopaminergic Phenotype

NCS for IAC_LOR.001

US Patent No. 7,195,910
JOH_CAR.001 EZ Fieldwork    

Anti-Desmoglein 1-B Antibodies

NCS for MAH_MYG.001

MYE_RON.002 Decision Counseling Program    
OSH_MIC.001 Chronic Recurring Migraine Headache Model in Rodents   Link  
OSH_MIC.002 Inherited Rat Headache Model   Link
STR_DAV.001 SV40 Viral Vectors for Targeted Integration Into Cells US Patent No. 5,863,794 Link