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Issued Patent Lead Inventor's Info
BER_ERI.001 Use of Tempol in the Prevention of Photoaging US Patent No. 5,840,734  

Novel drug to inhibit human platelet aggregation

NCS for BRA_PAU.001


Compositions, Kits and Methods Relating to the Human FEZ1 Gene, a Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO_CAR.002, 004, 005, 016)

US Patent No. 7,141,417
US Patent No. 7,777,005

The Human FHIT Gene

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16)

US Patent No. 7,220,834
US Patent No. 6,774,217
US Patent No. 6,242,212
US Patent No. 5,928,884

TCL-1 Gene And Protein And Related Methods And Compositions

NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009, 015)

US Patent No. 5,985,598
US Patent No. 7,175,995
US Patent No. 7,749,715

Human Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Modeled in Mouse by Targeted TCL1 Expression

NCS for Croce TCL-1 techs (CRO_CAR.009,015)

US Patent No. 7,728,189
US Patent No. 8,168,854

Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene and Compositions and Methods for Making and Using the Same

NCS for Croce tumor suppressor techs (CRO 2,4,5,16)


Role of microRNA Genes In Human Cancer

NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25)

US Patent No. 7,723,035
US Patent App 12/319,331
US Patent App 12/727,778
CRO_CAR.019 Involvement Of The ALL-1 Gene In A Solid Tumor1 US Patent No. 5,567,586  

microRNA genes in cancer diagnosis and treatment

NCS for Croce miRNA techs (CRO 17, 25)

US Patent N.o 7,723,030 US Patent App
US Patent App 12/767,279
DIE_BER.010 Recombinant Rabies for Pre- and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis   Link

A Method to Modulate and Enhance the Immune Response through Prime/Boost Immunization

NCS for DIE_BER.012


Rabies TriGAS in a combination vaccine

NCS for DIE_BER.013


Insulin And Insulin-Associated Peptides For Cerebral Health

NCS for DUR_MAT.005


Antibody-based Inhibitors of Excessive Deposition of Fibrotic Tissue

NCS for FER_AND.002

HOU_YAM.005 Apoptosis of Cardiomyocytes   Link
IOZ_REN.001 A Role For Decorin In Tumor Suppression US Patent No. 6,524,573 Link

A Small Bowel Purgative for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

NCS for KAS_DAV.001

KOP_HIL.006 Polypeptides Fused with Alfalfa Mosaic Virus or Ilarvirus Capsid Proteins US Patent No. 6,042,832
US Patent No. 6,448,070

Cell Migration Leading to Posterior Capsule Opacification can be Prevented by Inhibition of Src Kinase Activities

NCS for MEN_SUE.002

US Patent Appl. 11/913,798  
NEV_MAR.005/ NJA_VIN.002/ NJA_VIN.005

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

NCS for NEV_MAR.005, NJA_VIN.002, NJA_VIN.005


Development of an Enhancer/Promoter Pair for Heart Selective Gene Expression

NCS for RAB_JOS.001


Peptides with High Affinity for Heparin and for Proteoglycans to be used to Promote Endothelialization of Synthetic Vascular Graft Surfaces, or to Target the Delivery of Drugs to Cell Surfaces

NCS for SAN_JAM.001, .002

US Patent No. 6,855,801  

Peptides that Neutralize Heparin or Proteoglycans, or Promote Cell Adhesion or Drug Delivery

NCS for SAN_JAM.001, .002

US Patent No. 7,259,140  

Treatment of Parkinson's Disease with Oligonucleotide and Triplex Technology

NCS for SCH_JAY.001, 002, 004, 008


Partial Agonists at the Glycine Modulatory Site of the NMDA Receptor for Treating Cognitive Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease

NCS for SCH_JAY.001, 002, 004, 008


Method of Treating Parkinson's Disease and Composition for the Same

NCS for SCH_JAY.001, 002, 004, 008

US Patent No. 7,160,913 Link

Treatment of Parkinson's Disease and Parkinson's Disease Treatment-related Complications with RNA Inhibition Therapies

NCS for SCH_JAY.001, 002, 004, 008


Pure Protein Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

NCS for SHO_SUN.001

STR_DAV.001 SV40 Viral Vectors for Targeted Integration Into Cells US Patent No. 5,863,794 Link
SUN_XIA.001 Implantable Sensor and System for Measurement and Control of Blood Constituent Levels US Patent No. 5,995,860
US Patent No. 6,122,536
THO_JEF.001 Nitric Oxide Donor Compositions, Methods, Apparatus, and Kits for Alleviating Vasoconstriction and Vasospasm in a Mammal US Patent No. 6,358,536  

Increase bioavailability and efficacy of ALS-treating pharmacological compounds

NCS for TRO_DAV.001


Microwave Balloon Catheter

NCS for WAL_PAU.010


Competitive Inhibition of miRNAs

NCS for WIC_ERI.010

WIL_JOH.005 Design and Development of Masked Therapeutic Antibodies to Limit Off-Target Effects: Application to Anti-EGFR Antibodies (Also known as "EGFR-Specific ScFvs Engineered to Enable Selective Antigen Recognition Upon Proteolytic Activation")    
ZAL_AND.002 Inhibition of Extracellular Matrix Synthesis By Antisense Compounds Directed to Nuclear Proto-Oncogenes US Patent No. 6,133,242