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Returning October 22 - 24, 2021


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Congratulations to our 2019 Health Hackathon Winners!

Wearables & Data Science

Wearables & Data Science


A handheld device which monitors the immune system by detecting immunoglobulin levels and provides recommended interventions.

Elizabeth Hall

Arts & Humanities Professor,
Stockton University

James Chun
UX Designer, Connect Chun

Samir Khan
Neuroengineer, SIR-VR

Hui Min Tan
Bioengineering Student, Singapore

Christine Fisher
PhD Candidate, TJU

Wearables & Data Science

Healthcare with No Address


A fundoscope that is optimized for a telehealth visit for checkups of prevalent chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Adam Hecht

Industrial Design Student, Jefferson - East Falls

Victor Hsue
Medical Student, SKMC

Mark Keroles
Medical Student, SKMC

Wearables & Data Science

Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp


An innovative solution to better convey information about cannabis to patients.

Anthony Allen

Developer, Philadelphia, PA

David Rehmat Jr.
Senior Application Developer, Angus Energy

Chris Curotto
Software Engineer, Angus Energy

Hayden Hughes
Student & Developer, Sterling High School

Tyree Robinson
Student & Musician,
Camden County Technical School
(Observing Student)

Daniel Hoffens
Front End Developer, Chaikin Analytics

Annaya Ahmand
Psychology Student, Jefferson - East Falls

A healthcare hackathon is an event that thrives on the collision of different worlds, experiences, and cultures. It brings individuals together who may not work together otherwise – a designer, a programmer, and a triage nurse, for example – to dream up scalable solutions for the most pressing issues in healthcare. It’s from this kind of friction, between seemingly disparate fields, that ideas and startups worth millions have been born.

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

Why Jefferson?

The Jefferson Health Hack is an incredible cross-section of experts, prototypers, faculty, staff, students, and learners, we welcome the surrounding community to join us in solving healthcare’s greatest concerns. Help us push on to bigger thinking and better solutions.