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Congratulations to our 2019 Health Hackathon Winners

The winning team from the “Reimagining Death” track - Mem-AR! This track focuses on dealing with death and what comes after. Inspired by the motivation to preserve memories, Mem-AR leverages augmented reality combined with geocache technology to leave an interactive legacy for an individual’s friends, family and future generations. These messages allow loved ones to share memories once again in the original locations that they occurred when accessed and activated.

Mem-AR Team Members: Peter Locharernkul, John Kang, Sonny Misa

The winning team from the “Health by Zip Code” track - OncMate! This track focused on dealing with health outcomes based on differences in location and improving health and longevity in all communities. In service for Oncology patients, OncMate, acting as a communication platform, notifies them in order to provide easy access for all patients- even those without a smartphone. Overall, the goal is that OncMate can assist and engage our most vulnerable oncology patients whilst helping them achieve a better quality of life.

OncMate Team Members: Alexandr Chebatarev, Thomas Oliver, Davis Cho, Krista Mar, Kara Itaas

The winning team from the “What are you wearing?” track - AuTherapy! This track focused on innovating and finding new ways to apply technology into everyday wearable life. Inspired by challenges faced by autistic children, AuTherapy approached this challenge by implementing a wearable technology. The device monitors biometric signals and activates digital based therapy, an audio recording plays from a trusted caregiver. The recordings use Applied Behavior Analysis techniques which reduce an individual's stress response.

AuTherapy Team Members: Bryan Sadler, David Vuong, Alexander Mitts, Nanci Gonzalez, Dom Battistini, Tiffany D’Souza

A healthcare hackathon is an event that thrives on the collision of different worlds, experiences, and cultures. It brings individuals together who may not work together otherwise – a designer, a programmer, and a triage nurse, for example – to dream up scalable solutions for the most pressing issues in healthcare. It’s from this kind of friction, between seemingly disparate fields, that ideas and startups worth millions have been born.

Why Jefferson?

The Jefferson Health Hack is an incredible cross-section of experts, prototypers, faculty, staff, students, and learners, we welcome the surrounding community to join us in solving healthcare’s greatest concerns. Help us push on to bigger thinking and better solutions.