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JAZ Tank

Jefferson’s JAZ Tank was created out of the Jefferson Accelerator Zone to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, and engage the Jefferson community in bringing life to the products and companies that will drive the future of healthcare. As a way to foster entrepreneurship and innovation at Jefferson, JAZ Tank aims to help members of the healthcare community develop their business ideas into tangible products that can benefit the medical field.

JAZ Tank invited established teams with business models from across the enterprise, as well as the general public, to enter the JAZ Tank Business Track. Individuals and teams with emergent ideas for health-related products or services were welcome to submit their ideas to the JAZ Tank Opportunity Track.

JAZ Tank 2018: CannaVATION

Grand Prize Winner: ARBR

Represented by Kit Poon | Screening software to personalize medical cannabis treatments

Runner Up: Cannabiscope

Represented by David Schacter | App-based interactive wheel used to assist in cannabis strain classification

Runner Up: We the People

Represented by Brianna Kilcullen | Hemp-based and mold resistant biodegradable kitchen and bath towels


Hampons | Hemp-based tampons with cannabidiol to ease menstrual cramps.
Hip to be Hemp | Biodegradable hemp-based heating and air conditioning filter.
NJ Cannaclub | Scratch and sniff labels for cannabis to assist in the selection process.
Semilla | Hemp and cannabis-infused sunflower seed butter and healthy edible alternatives.
Garden State | Automated solventless extraction system and medical cannabis edible dosing machine.

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JAZ Tank 2017

Grand Prize Winner: Mindset

Represented by Priya Mammen & Ravi Chacko | Mobile applications that facilitate access and compliance to stress management and mental health therapies
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Grand Prize Winner: Circalux

Represented by Lorenzo Albala & Tim Bober | User-responsive portable circadian lights that respect lights that respect night-time light sensitivity to diminish light pollution in patient rooms
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Advans Health | An educational web platform to help students understand and choose health plans.
Kate & Duck | Revolutionizing at-home artificial insemination with a first-of-kind medical device.
Pneumotronix | A novel device to reduce complications of endotracheal tube intubation.
Precision Nano | A platform technology to reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy.
Strados Lab | Uses connected health tech to manages the challenges of living with chronic asthma.

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JAZ Tank 2016

Grand Prize Winner: Mother's Milk

Represented by Micaela Langille Collins | Facilitating breast feeding among working mothers

Runner Up: OLIVE Devices

Represented by Renee Kakareka | Smart eyewear for people with hearing disabilities

Runner Up: PlasmaTech

Represented by Drs. David Pao & Kristina Pao | Plasma treatment for corneal ulcers