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Innovation Engagement Speaker Series

The Innovation Engagement Speaker Series at Jefferson is aimed at uncovering several aspects of innovation as it is developing at Jefferson and beyond. The focus includes local, regional and national perspectives, with topics ranging from start-up challenges, innovation across healthcare, venture capital, and prototype generation. The series  exposes participants to opportunities that are emerging in their respective areas. Whether a clinician, researcher, nascent inventor, entrepreneur or just a curious mind, attendees will walk away with something of value.


2021 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Edith Mitchell MD; Matt Fields MD; Morgan Hutchison MD; Donna Gentile O’Donnell PhD; Summer Decker, PhD; Scott E. Gygax, PhD; Rob Pugliese Pharm D, BCPS; Rose Ritts PhD; Heather Rose PhD, JD; Matthias Schnell MS, PhD; Mark Tykocinski, MD


2020 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Steve Alschuler, MD; Shahram Hejazi, PhD; Rick Jones, MD, MBA; Sharon Pinkenson; Todd Carmichael; Hope D’Oyley-Gay, JD; Karen Keating Mara, Esq.

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2019 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Tim Armour; Brian Landry; Chris Wink; Bon Ku, MD; Jonathan Sackier; Phil Deschamps; Osagie Imasogie, Les Sztandera, PhD; Maria Freire, PhD; Julia Haller, MD; Barbara Schilberg


2018 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Anthony Coletta, MD, MBA; Jeff Marrazzo; Nicholas Siciliano, PhD; Ellen Grady; Kyle Vos Strache; Michael Leonard, MAEd, IDSA; Scott Nissenbaum; Harold Epps; Matt Cabrey; Athena Karp; Joseph W. Devine, FACHE; Barbara Schilberg

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2017 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Terry Booker; Michelle Histand; Osagie Imasogie; Jill Kyle; Lori Ferro; Kandan Kulandaivel; Ayesha Khalid; Kathleen Kinslow; Michael Long; Richard Snyder; Stephen Spinelli; Michael Soileau; Robert Pugliese; Archna Sahay; Peter Lloyd Jones; Barbara Schilberg

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2016 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Barbara Schilberg, Esq.; Louis Berneman, EdD; Marc Siry; Brenda Gavin, DVM; Natalie Nixon, PhD; Karen Keating Mara, Esq.; Dean Miller; Evan Malone, PhD; Michelle Histand

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2015 Speaker Series

Carolyn Hochstadter, Esq; Terry Booker; Devin Thorpe; Joan Lau, PhD, MBA; Jennifer Hartt; Tom Oleznak; Russ Starke; Eugene H. Cordes; Marc Siry; John Springrose; Alex Vaccaro, MD, PhD; Brenda Gavin, DVM; Dean Miller; Louis Berneman, EdD; Evan Malone, PhD; Karen Keating Mara, Esq.; Fritz Bittenbender


2014 Speaker Series

Featured Speakers: Kenneth Kilgore, PhD; Louis Berneman, EdD; Russell Greig, PhD; Diane Jorkasky, MD